Package Tour 03: Tham Lay Khao Kop Cave – Trang City

Tham Lay Khao Kop Cave and Trang City in One Day.

1,000 Baht/ person,  700 baht for children 3-10 years old


9:00  All together at Pakmeng Resort

9:30  Go to Tham Lay Khao Kop Cave. An amazing natural wonder, the main attraction at Khao Kop is this stream which flows through the cave. In addition, the cave itself looks like a high and steep cliff with layers of rocks and stalactites and stalagmites magnificently decorating the cave for a distance of approximately 4 kilometers.


12:00  Having Lunch at the restaurant in Trang


13:00  Go to Emerald Pool and Hot Waterfall at Krabi Province


17:00  Go back to Pakmeng Resort

**(Require 6+ persons)

Package Include:

  • Transportation Fee
  • Boat Fee
  • Lunch
  • Guide
  • Travel Insurance

Transportation :
Pick up from Trang town / Airport / Train or bus Station 1,200 Baht / way / car
Pick up from Krabi Airport 2,500 baht/way/car